Welcome to LibbyLoo Jewelry!

Mid 2013 while struggling to find work I was desperate to find something to make some money not just for the holidays but continuing to do so for the long haul. Photography was fun but not everyone was in the market for new portraits and slowly my customer base was declining.

A Grand Idea!

I have always loved jewelry. Some of the big jewelry chains are my favorite stores! I mean, who doesn’t love Diamonds?? I made a few pieces and took them to a small vendor opportunity and the pieces sold like hotcakes!! I had several people asking if I had an Etsy shop and/or Web page. And LibbyLoo Jewelry was born.

Libby, who?

I named my shop after my boxer Liberty (who we called Libby).

Libby & Rocky

She was the best pup ever and sadly we had to help her over the bridge 2 years ago when she developed seizures that were neurological. We couldnt save her and couldn’t watch her suffer. She will always be missed and her memory will live on through our shop.

Big shoes to fill

Our pup (he just turned one December 16, 2013) is an American Blue-Nose Pittbull named Capone and helps us out anywhere he can (when he’s not sawing logs asleep somewhere)!

#Caponethepittie – Our lazy shop assistant!

He is my first pittie and boy is he a handful!! Since owning him I have learned that not all pittbulls are mean and ferocious. He (as well as many other pibble friends) are complete love bugs!

We are now strongly active in the fight against BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and are currently looking for a 501.k foundation to work with in hopes to raise money for this awareness!


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