Business motivation


Working on a business plan is not exactly the way I imagined I would be spending my day. Being up all night doing taxes and now working on this would be great if I could figure out how to draw in more business. My funds are limited so paying someone to market for me is not in the deck as of right now.
I have pretty much every social network tied to LibbyLoo. So how do I get noticed? How do I get my name out there? And mostly, once done with the business plan, how do I get someone or a few people to invest in my company?
I’ve done some research on the online investment startup options. It seems great and might work but my personal network is small compared to some of the people I know that have gone that route.
If anyone can offer some insight I would greatly appreciate it!


Bloggin’, Postin’, Taggin’, Oh My!

Hey there fans! Let me begin by saying I have never been good at this whole blogging thing. It’s pretty much always turned into a hot mess and I end up throwing it out with the trash…

So, when speaking with a friend who is also an Artesian I was enlightened by a few things that can help boost my business and bring leads to my Etsy shop (I hope, lol).

So here is to our future! May it bring many new lookie-loo’s, page flippers, and customers with deep, deep, pockets!! A girl can always dream, can’t I?   ;o)

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